If you read a white nationalist publication like counter-currents, often the argument is that they are providing the “truth” on their side. This truth is based upon objective and grounded reality. This can range from race studies, classical philosophy, and The Bell Curve. What makes white nationalism and the Alt-Right so appealing to our generation, is not only that it is anti-liberal in nature, but it offers Sargon-of-Akkad-tier arguments for the truth which the millennials have been fogged over by the boomers. Once someone goes 1488, they can never switch back over to a Marxist ideology. Why is that? Because truth is on the white nationalist side. Marxist have created a utopian dream society that can only be realized through social engineering and propaganda. In other words, there is a trans humanist war against the natural world. Marxist are rebelling against mother nature, and ehtnonationalsit are trying to find commune within nature (creating a “human bio-diversity” future and Heidegger style socialism). This spiritual war is between two parties. Yet, the argument is twofold. Ethnonationalist believe you should come to their side because they have the truth, while Marxist believe we should fight against all forms of oppression and create the selfish society we want to live in as individuals.

…Both unfortunately seem to be wrong.

Marxist are wrong for many reasons, but white nationalist are wrong for assuming radical honesty is the answer. There is nothing wrong with being honest. In fact, I hate people who are inauthentic and hypocritical, even if they show one drop of it. What white nationalist do not understand is that youth is a motivator for truth. Often drug addicted and perverted nazies will say that “youth is a folly and everything I learned from my cultural Marxist professors was wrong. If only I was more ‘based’ and became a Traditionalist would I find greater meaning in life.” Millenniala, now hitting their mid 20s, are going through something similar. Liberals tend to call this “woke,” while the Alt-Right says its taking the “red pill.” (Personally, I believe these coming-to-age terminologies are postmodern in nature and divide the individual with irony and eclecticism). Youth was only a “phase” for them and nothing special. It was the loss of innocence handed over to guilt created the complex scientist-playing-god adult. Right?

I am very skeptical (and have intense hatred) for the individual who claims they are an “adult” now. (Because they drink beer, smoke cigarettes, work a full-tine job, use tinder for inane and disgusting one night stands, do drugs at “parties,” swear like a sailor, while upholding that they are someone the descendent of Socrates). Religion has proven throughout time that humanity needs to build civilization in order to go forward. That means morals and ethics must be enforce. A true man against the kali yuga role-plays the Christ figure. Someone must become a martyry in order to show this decadent world there is hope in humanity. I am strong advocate of Rene Girard philosophy.

Adultism runs rampant in society by those who are irresponsible. “When your 30, you will realize there is more to life than partying!” (ironically said by someone who did those same things), and “I am 22 years old and I can work at Apple!” (said by someone who lacks experience and full of arrogance). Life is an ongoing journey through wisdom and knowledge, and any healthy human being should grow, not die, as they age. Faulty conclusions are reached at certain points, such like the The Asian Feminist Fallacy. Or that the adult is still a kid trapped inside the body. It should be a priority for every human being to contribute towards society and create a greater civilization for future generations.

…But all of this I have just wrote, is any of this grounded in “truth?” It sounds like it. But what if one does something different to achieve greater society, like through Asian-Arianism or Marxism? A white nationalist would argue that both are living in a dream bubble. That a magazines like Cosmopolitan and pornogrpahy sell men dreams. In 2017, we live in a society behind computer screens and communicate writing digital letters. We use virtual avatars to represent ourselves and play video games for fun. The outside world is becoming bleak and darker, as the white people who consume in this technology run away from the nature of the world. Technology progresses and the population is booming. The western world is becoming “Asianized.”

All of this is a fantasy, yet in practical terms, it is becoming a reality. White nationalist argue that by reversing such trends, could whites find the Heidegger-style “truth” and make rational, christian choice. White men would then choose over white women simply because “it’s for the greater good.” Again, where is this greater good if everyone is already enjoying watching anime than watching Lauren Rose videos?

For all the white people that end up reproducing with other white people, they will have to grow another generation of “racially aware” whites, preferring them over the seething masses of nonwhites. (maybe something like The Node will happen). This hyper-conscious attempt to uphold society is based upon aniexty and radical duty. And white nationalist will continue to argue that it is based upon the “truth.” In other words, if you can imagine the philosophy of Heidegger becoming a movement, it would be ethnonationalsim.

That is not to say Martin Heidegger is wrong. But the radical attempts to try and box people away from their own freedom of association is wrong. White people have an amazing trait to go beyond the limit of mother nature, and in doing so, they wish to create something much greater in life. White people have created rockets to the moon and modern forms of art. In a bleak world full of nonwhites, white people will not be there to create the progressing future. It’s why I do subscribe to ethonationlsit theory. But at the same time, ultimately, I am a eurasian futurist. I am an anti-liberal at heart trying to find the right system that will cause the less conflict and make every person on this earth happy. A communist country can exist over there, and a Spencer all-white-utopia down there. But I would like to live in that hip place over there, that has all the whites, Asians, and Eurasians living together n harmony. That is ethnonationalist theory in a nutshell.

And still, there are nazies who claim that any form of coexistence and biculturalism is wrong and not based upon “truth.” If they had it there way, they would eliminate the future possibility of a bicultural or mixed-race person. Either they are “red” or they are “blue.”

Truth does exist. We often have fantasies about out future. We can make our dreams become a reality if we work hard to achieve them. Most norms live in fantasies they learn from watching television and browsing the internet. Obviously if someone is “gay,” it must mean 30% of the country is gay too! And if Enid from OK KO: Let’s Be Friends is a black, purple haired ninja girl, well, there must be a person like her in this world.

Rene Girard argued that life is about the mimic throes. People desire what other people want. “If he has an Asian girlfriend, then I want an Asian girlfriend too!”

Is it bad life is based upon envy, jealously, and dreams to escape reality? There are negative consequences that a smart person must realize in order to overcome. But desires don’t change.

I know too many white nationalist that once had asian girlfriends in their youth (and had sex with them), only then to “grow up” and say “I’m into traditionalist white girls now and the alt-right is the future.” This is a great example of hypocrisy, inauthenticity, and stupidity. People who do this are denying their true nature. They are running away from their true desires of life and pursue something that is artificially not them. As Girard puts it, they take the life of someone else. Other symptoms, like depressions and lack of confidence might be a motivator of this action. But ultimately, I strongly believe it has to do with stupidity, adults, and true immaturity.

And these same people will tell you “truth” is on their side. Mind you, it’s a trick for hipster racism. Watch out. Realize its they who are misguided in life and sin by becoming too “edgy” for preening purposes.

If there was any truth to this, they want life to become like an anime.

The argument they make is the same Ryan Anderson makes in the Birth of Prudence. “Well, it has nothing to do that she is Asian, but, choosing white over Asian is the right thing to do.”

I also assume Ryan is guilty of Asian desires. But he doubles down and pretends he’s doing the “right” thing. Why would you write a book in the first place? To refute Asian-Arianism? No. It’s about himself.

This “truth” veneer is quite dangerous for most young people. It denies their desires and gives into “truth-nihilism.” A bleak system of “well it doesn’t accord with white nationalism, so I can’t truly respect this piece of art.”

Millinials are trying so hard to be unique. But in the end, they are still snowflakes. Just like me.