The New American city will be Neo-Tokyo. Why? Not because, as the cyberpunk authors imagined, that America will be overtaken economicly by whatever is the current Yellow Peril of the decade, but because of the White Male-Asian Female couples.

Their numbers and high IQs combined with their beauty (both male and female) will gurantee many of them to be highly successful. Many of them will go into the arts and sciences, urged on by their Asian moms to be succesful at all costs, (but the incessant study habits will be tempered by their realistic fathers giving them an edge).

In the future they will be working in the arts and entertainment industrys that shape our popular culture. The WMAF children will be inspired (either conciously or unconciously) by the Asian culture of their mother that is in their blood to create art infused with Asian elements.

However, this art will be with a Western basis. They grew up in a Western society, went to a Western school and was immersed in that culture. They will be citizens of a Western country, but their upbringing made sure that they would not be ignorant of their mother’s culture. They have language training, visited the country of their mother a few times, consume some of the media from there, they know what is in their blood regardless of to what degree they immerse themselves in it. Asian culture is in their blood and influences them.

This Asian cultural influence will cause the half-Asians that will populate the arts and entertainment industries in the future to create products that reflect this merger of the cultures that they come from. Buildings will have Asian influence, movies will, music will, clothing will, cars will everything will have the mark of Asian influence on it.

Other WMAF babies will become CEOs. This will have another impact on the Western countries. One, will be that big businesses will have extended holidays for Chinese New Years, and to a lesser extent, other Asian holidays. There is no hapa child that does not celebrate Chinese New Years. There will be such a large Asian and half-Asian population that business will have to take off for that holiday.

But another more significant impact, will be the half-Asians working in significant offices in the business world. Many of them will have a more profound knowledge and real connection between their Asian country and Western country than most other phony Asian experts.

They will know, from life long interaction with their mother and part time living in her home country, and language ability, how to read their Asian counterparts and business partners. This will create a more level playing field between the countries and more interaction. These business partnerships between East and West will further contribute to the Neo-Tokyo look of our future.

The children of the WMAF couples success in life will greatly contribute to a new world where East merges with West. There participation in the arts, entertainment, sciences and businesses will make an Asian impact on the West from within and without. WMAF couples will make anime real.