‘Almond Eyes, Baby Face’ (2017)


The millennial generation is lost in a sea of virtual reality. At the end of The 2000s, the internet took over an innocent generation onto “social media.” The world was finally over in 2012. …Or was it? It began the life of a crude individual by the name of Pilleater, who began his quest into sexuality.

This is a collection of short stories of all of his traumas and ill wishes upon society. From everything to horrible memoirs, awkward house parties, miserable depression, and vaporwave science-fiction, this book is about a certain subject that haunts this generation.

If you ever were an avid reader of Juxtapoz or Amped Asia magazine, and your Asian girlfriend was psychotic and abusive, you will begin to see the same revelations that Pilleater written down in this book. Flip to any page and start reading. You will regret that choice.



ISBN: 9780998920306

Edition: Second Edition

Publisher: Choam Charity Publishing

Published: April 10, 2017

Pages: 246

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback


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