Erik Erikson is a psychologist best known for his theory of “psychosocial development.” It is a psychoanalytical theory that identifies birth and death through eight “stages.” Each stage is a challenge the person confronts. Life presents obstacles, and the person questions his reality.

“Am I gay?”

“Do I like sports?”

“Am I an artist?”

“Do I like Asian women?”

…As you can see, many things can unfold in one’s environmental and cultural upbringing. Why is Erik Erikson’s theory of “pyschosocialism” so relevant towards the truth?

In the internet troll subculture, we have mastered analyzing the life of the boring “normie” and tend to make fun of their nature. The normie goes through the pyschosocial narrative asking the same questions we do. But why if we make the wrong answers to questions? Do we live a “bad” life? What are the “”good answers?

Those who who have odd answers are called “LARPers.” This is not about Dagorhir Battle Games. This is about people who role-play realities not according to theirs. Every single weeb is likely roleplaying an anime character, even if you asked they why they are doing that. The young white kid associated life with watching anime and learned morals from the shows he was viewing. The pyschosocial narrative told him, “what are you doing in your teenage years?” The boy responses back by watching anime. In his early twenties, the next stage, the pyschosocial narrative will ask again, “who are you, what do you do, and who is your girlfriend?” The boy will forcefully struggle to find answers, dying his hair blue, hanging out at the board game store, and having a girlfriend that thinks she is an anime character too. Everyone is answering questions to the force pyschosocial narrative.

Erik Erikson for me came close to the truth than any other philosopher I have studied in college.

Another psychologist I must mention is Albert Bandura. Bandura is known for his “Bobo doll experiment.” The argument in this experiment is that kids are born blank slates and learn everything from role-models. Of course, this sounds totally left-wing and bogus. However, if taken into consideration, Erik Erikson’s philosophy is a companion piece to Bandura’s social learning theory.

If Bandura argues that every human being imitates another (monkey see, monkey do), then Erikson’s philosophy argues for the creation of the self which others will imitate. Bandura and Erikson then create an endless Ying-Yang circle.

“Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? ”

Are we really atomized individuals we like to see ourselves living out in the West? Or are we merely imitating everyone else and trying to answer life’s questions that come crashing down on use like an avalanche?

If we are talking about “The Alt-Right,” “Furries,” “Gamers,” “Goths,” “Hardcore punks,” whatever… One word should put an end to all of this: Pyschosocialism.

We are all LARPers, face it.

Your not living out a special life that is unique to your existence. You are picking up a VHS Tape of someones previously life and roleplaying it out. You may try so hard to be different than everyone else. In the end, you are looking for nothing.

The college professors, the police officers, the intellect, the athletes… they all have pyschosocial narratives.

…To disturb one’s narrative and existence creates problems. Try disturbing the feminist pyschosocial narrative and see what she has to say to you.

“Your a sexist and a racist!”

…Heard the before? When people call names, they are mad you are doubting their reality. If life is utterly meaningless, most will go on a “fatalist” or nihilist way of thinking. Some even commit suicide. To doubt’s one life requires and complete re-examination of everything they have been answering since they were a toddler. That is just not possible if your at the age of 25.

Teen romances and animes portray the young and naive protagonist getting the girl and living and life “happily ever after,” once he overcomes the obstacles presented to him.

In pyschosocialism, your either a “winner” or a “loser.”

I could go on about the “light” and “dark” side of the questions of “winning and losing,” but I don’t mean to re-teach everything I know about pyschosocialism.

I would like to address the question towards Asian-Aryanism.

Most people are depressed because they feel they are “losers” to other pyschosocial narratives. Weak people will also mock and imitate other people lives to feel good about one self (Bandura). Human beings simply cannot be aware of the pyschosocial narrative all the time. …But it helps to understand the meaning behind why “normies” and odd subcultures act the way they do.

Martin Heidegger tried to create peace within pyschosocialism (He was before Erikson, and Erikson based his theories around Heideggar). Heideggar argued that being loyal to your “dasein” was a good thing. That understanding what was “authentic” vs. “inauthentic” was in life.

Suppose you live life as an amish person on a farm. However, when your parents are not looking, you hang out at the local community college and pretend you are an anime character. This is pyschosocialism in action, where you ask the questions, “Do I like anime?,” and the answer follows, “Other kids like anime, therefor, I should like anime too.”

Now, let’s say that your biological nature comes from amish genes, and you have a natural upbringing around the farm. You hate it, but you can compromise with it. According to Heideggar, being loyal to your dasein would mean getting rid of your inauthentic anime subculture and associating yourself more with farming, the destiny life has given to you. This is loyalty towards life.

Oddly enough, Heideggar was a Nazie. What does that tell you?

If we were all loyal to our daseins and “authentic” towards life, we wouldn’t have to worry about the pyschosocial narrative. Everything what Erikson said would be just a theory. Whenever we me ask these big questions to ourselves, we are only trying to naturally find the pursuit of wisdom and happiness.

Normies don’t question the authority of life. They do it. You the reader, and I, are doubting existence.

We both came across those big questions in life, where we had to ask about our sexuality, our heath, the friends we choose and the careers. Liberals tell us we can do anything in our life! …But they happen to go through the best pyschosocial narratives.

Healthy people can dismatle the naivety of the LARPing, pyschosocial narrative. Social Justice Warriors, The AntiFa, Feminist… they are LARPing identities because their lives need meaning. Each group is trapped in a bubble. “Your the bad guy, I’m the good guy, this is my lover,  I belong here, and I don’t care who you are unless your benefiting my life.”

…This sounds like everyone is a protagonist to an anime no one is watching but themselves.

We as Asian-Aryans are aware of our existence. Many of these ignorant “new-cucks” live life like an anime, and have no true loyalty toward’s their dasein.

We were once weebs, Asian-studies students, Asiansexuals, whitewashers, civic nationalist, gamers, punk rockers, leftist, artist, and everyday normies that tried to climb the supposed social ladder to get what we wanted. We answered questions that tried to make sense of our true realities.

Asian-Aryanism is an honest answer to the pyschosocial problem. No longer do we have to suffer from the “hubris” of life. All the aniexty of trying to live out a pyschosocial narrative goes away. We become beings that are honest to what we want in life. We may still LARP to feel good about ourselves. But in the end, we took the yellow-pill.

LARPing is a disease among The West. Learning Eastern philosophy or religion quickly destroys this Western tradition. I feel that Heideggar was only trying to synthesize Eastern philosophy into the West. We have lost that tradition. What has been created, is the selfish “existential” postmodern ego that is pyschosocialism.

Either we play the pyschosocial game, or we break out of it by being loyal to Heideggar’s dasein.

Asian-Aryanism is a protest against pyschosocialism and the lame existence of mundane life. We strive towards excellence for an honest and open Asian-Aryan subculture and future society.

Pyschosocialism is a lesson about our decadent society. Let’s have good answers and not LARP for them.