Stop crying Asian guys.

Do you really want to embrace a victim mentality and call yourself “losers” in the multicultural game? Whenever you blame “whitey” for your problems, it’s a sign that you really are weak. Not even Asian girls want to hear that from you.

You see, a lot of Asian girls are avoiding you because you don’t have the white standards they grew up with. All you have to do is developed those same standards and approach them with ease. It’s really easy. Most stable Asian guys know this. …It’s just not talked about.

Why should “Asian-American” be another “minority” group of oppressed people begging for the white man to give them money? It’s so easy to be the victim.

I don’t believe Asian guys are losers at all. They are my close friends, and I would consider them my brothers.

Ironically enough, you Incel types like to brag how righteous, justice, and beautiful an Asian Male / White Female couple is. I have no problems with the pairing. But you treat it as the true and honest form of an authenticate relationship! (probably because there is no “white man” in it). I even hear arguments that children of a AMWF couple is MORE stable than children of WMAF.

…Are you SJWs that crazy to believe in such illogical reasoning? Both WMAF/AMWF come out just fine. It’s a matter of the patriarchal position of the dad (“ooooooo! did I say a bad word?”).

Most guys want their culture first in the relationship. If the man is Asian, he wants to focus on the Asian side… If the man is white, most likely, a focus will be on the white side.

This anti-white rhetoric has got to go.

I am not anti-Asian. I am not in favor of white or Asian-genocide.

But again, why are you so triggered by the word “white?”

There is going to be a new type of Asian guy that is also proud to be white and a new type of white guy that will be proud to be Asian. This is the true nature of a bicultural experience.

Multicultural has given us global consumerism, rampant individualism, and a false sense of reality. People who keep up with this lie are not authentic. I strongly believe multiculturalism has given us more bicultural breakdowns– If you think that is a good thing or bad. Multiculturalism and “diversity” is a source of tension and conflict.

However, there is something genuine in a relationship that is bicultural.

There is a civil war within white people and Asian people really don’t care about it. It’s like what’s going to happen in The Camp of the Saints, …where is civilization if all the white people are gone?

Asian men have to step up and become barbaric gentlemen. There is so much to admire of the appearance of an Asian man. He has a right to marry a white or Eurasian woman. I consider the couple both my brother and sister. He should consider the same when I pursue Asian and Eurasian women.

Oddly enough, I will get criticisms that “I am self-hating” and should embrace my “Asian” side.

Do you guys ever call out the double-standards of white guilt? I don’t think so.

(…Or what about that awesome album, Dear God, I Hate Myself?)

I don’t hate myself or anyone. I just want to be with people like myself. I hate people who force equality on me and ask for “gibsmedat.I can see through your lies and can spot an inauthentic person anytime.

Asian men shouldn’t be the subjects of the weak. They have to stand up and help create an Asian-Aryan patriarchy.

I have said this many times, but imagine if you have five different types for groups working together:

1. White weebs (or “Asianized” whites) / WMWF

2. “whitewashed” Asians / AMAF

3. Eurasians (or Hapas) / EMEF

4. Interracial parings of WMAF/AMWF/EMAF/AMEF/WMEF/EMWF,

And 5, whites and Asians that want to fight for a new Asian-Aryan identity.

Now, let all those people mingle from all those five groups, and we can see true progress. All of them must be open about being an “Asian-Aryan,” they same way an immigrant comes into American and says, “I’m a proud American.”

This is what Asian-Arianism is truly about. A new racial bond and understanding between whites and Asians.

You think we are some fringe “racist” group, when it is quite the opposite. We are trying to become a self-determine and aware people with our own little scene. We can have friendly allies. Most are mislead thinking we are evil.

Call us, the “post-Asian-American” group of people. We are redpilled, anti-SJW, and critical of liberal society. Even better, we are “Alt-Asian.”

We have a unique culture that synergizes both white and Asian traditions. Some of us want to be the new “white” or “Asian-American” people, others see a third position. All can unite together and create something new, culturally in the arts, music, and blogosphere.

If your an Asian guy this is reading this, great, We are very similar. We just prefer to be with people like ourselves. You can get an Asian, white, or Eurasian lover. We are looking out for your interest too. Just know that there are authentic white guys that want an Asian or Eurasian lover too.

Go beyond the SJWs and experience a new “yellow-pill.”

Start reading Yukio Mishima and Arthur Schopenhauer, and admire the beauty of Eurasian women.

As men, we are in this together. You are my brother, and we love our sisters.